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Seed is a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary and Curated Cannabis Market in Portland, ME that redefines the retail cannabis experience.

Our knowledgeable purveyors are trained to help each guest select from a wide array of products to target a specific cannabis experience. Come fine tune how you utilize cannabis as an expert or start a relationship with cannabis as a beginner.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Is this your first time using cannabis? Or have you had a cannabis experience in the past? If you are new to cannabis or would like to rekindle your relationship with cannabis, let us educate and support you.

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Inhalation is the quickest method for effects to kick in. Cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs and are passed directly into the bloodstream.
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Ingestion of cannabis edibles and drinks is discreet and has the benefit of avoiding the lungs.
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More discreet and cleaner than smoking, vaping requires a hardware device to administer the dosage.
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Cannabis concentrates are created by removing resin containing trichomes from the cannabis plant.
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Sublingual delivery of cannabinoids is another discreet and efficient method of consumption.
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cannabis topicals


Topical preparations of cannabis, such as creams, salves, transdermal patches, and oils are typically non-euphoric.
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Built a Tolerance?

Looking to Try New Products?

Has cannabis become a part of your life’s routine? Have you built a tolerance and are looking to try new products with higher potencies? Check out our cannabis connoisseur section where we will explain high potency products and make suggestions for experienced cannabis consumers

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