Sherb Cake Cyro Kush Flower | 3.5g | Paul’s Boutique

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Sunset Sherb x Wedding Cake

Flavor Notes:
Sweet, Floral, Fresh

Has been known as a heavy indica leaning hybrid, with soothing body effects that may help with chronic pain, physical tension, and loss of appetite.

Relaxation, Pain Relief, Soothing

Cryo Kush:
Paul’s Boutique is done in a state of the art customizable freeze dryer with a specific rule set unique to them. A non-traditional drying process that happens in 24 hours under vacuum while freezing, differentiating itself from traditional drying methods because there is no oxidation of the cannabis flower. It retains the original size of the buds (no shrinkage), all the colors are vibrant as if it were still alive, and there is no terpene loss, Cryo Kush maintains its “live” aromas.


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