Who Are We?

Cannabis possesses an inherent power to unify people and it is Seed’s mission to promote that notion.

Throughout American history, cannabis has been used as a weapon to divide people and cultures. Our goal is to create a conversation around the racially and economically charged history of cannabis and to promote cannabis as a unifier.

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We also care deeply about the science and culture of cannabis. We understand the complex nature of the cannabis plant and its therapeutic properties. We intend to equip our customers with the knowledge to confidently select products best suited for their needs.

As retail-only operators, we are also committed to providing the full spectrum of brand variety to keep our shelves stocked with quality, innovative cannabis products. We pay homage to the culture by partnering with boutique growers to bring decades of cultivation experience out of the illicit market and into the legal market.

Help us unravel decades of inequity and misinformation as we recognize and promote the cultural, physical and spiritual potential of humanity’s relationship with cannabis.

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April Arrasate

April Arrasate

Chief Executive Officer

perri higgins

Peri Higgins

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

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Caesar Napolitano

Chief of Staff

Seed is owned and operated by women, by people of color, by your neighbors, and by people who have spent time incarcerated by the war on drugs. By example, we are evolving the industry away from stereotypes and misinformation and toward a future of diversity and unity. Together with our guests, we aim to seed our community with new values, seed minds with new ideas and seed lives with the inherent power of cannabis.
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